DxRec2 is the fastest realtime video capture in the world.

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DxRec2 is an tool that allows to record real time video and capture screen shots of games using DirectX/OpenGL.
The captured images or video can be saved to many formats such as AVI.
This is the ideal tool to record your favorite game actions!

Much improved performances
DxRec2 is based on DxRec1 but with much improved speed and reliability.
It's the world's number one fastest capture program.
DxRec1 was using fonts for displaying the frame rates but that lead to loss of performance.
DxRec1 was not supporting optimized functions such as SSE.
All these performance issues have been cleared up with DxRec2 and that lead to a significant improvement.
DxRec2 is also automatically supporting Quad Core processors for even better performance.

64-bit applications support
DxRec2 is now fully supporting 64-bit applications.

New function for automatically skipping frames
With DxRec1, to avoid losing frames the frames where written on the disk and buffer into memory when the access was to slow.
However when too many frames were on the memory, it was leading to a strong decrease of performance or even a complete halt of the application.
When too many frames are starting to be stored in the memory, DxRec2 will automatically reduce the frame rate to preserve the memory.

Screen Capture
With DxRec1 it was only possible to store the screen shots as bitmaps.
With DxRec2 it is now possible to store the screen shot as Jpeg, Gif, Png and Tiff.
It is also possible to save the screenshots in multiple formats at one time.
DxRec2 has also an option to resize the screen shots so that they can be directly integrated into your webpage.

As DxRec2 is supporting DirectX versions from DirectX1, is possible to save your actions from your old games to your newest ones.
DxRec2 supports window mode as well as full screen mode.
As DxRec2 is supporting standard AVI format, depending on the settings, it can allow you to record up to many hours of your video game.
As it is directly accessing data from the video card, it is possible to record high speed videos.
DxRec2 uses DirectX8/9 hardware optimization for high-speed resizing of the frames captured.
DxRec2 also supports recording of audio streams under Windows Vista.
DxRec2 supports also 5.1 Dolby surround channels and multi speakers systems.
DxRec2 allows the capture of audio streams to USB speaker and USB headphones that was not possible until now.
Recorded AVI can be played with Windows Media Player.
People who have bought DxRec1 can upgrade to DxRec2 without any additional charge.

Supported Screen Capture Formats :
Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Png, Tiff and Resizing.

Supported Realtime Video Capture Formats :
AVI and AVI-like formats are supported.

Supported DirectX and OpenGL versions :

Supported operating systems
Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP SP2
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista x86
Windows Vista x64

Demo version limitations
The only limitation to the demo version is that a watermark will be added to the video.

To be able to use DirectX, you must install it.
You can download DirectX for free from the following link.
Microsoft Download Center: DirectX

*By fastest, we mean the highest frame rate that the game is still able to generate when the recorder is running.

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